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The App is lightweight, quick to load as well as offers easy rotation of photos. After all, who will like to select 50 plus photos from a trip folder to view them?

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The above limitations are not at all present inside PhotoScape X. Which is one of our favourite third party image viewer and editor for Mac OS X. Photoscape can be used to edit Photos as well as to view them, solving the need to use a different photo editor.

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Also, the best part is that Photoscape X is free to use! If you are looking for a plain vanilla photo viewer and do not want the Photo editing options, then Phiewer is the app we recommend! Also, Phiewer has a great dark UI which makes it an ideal Image viewer for Mac especially to see the complete color range and avoid color distortion.

How to update my windows photo viewer+windows 7

Xee is another fuss-free light weight image viewer for Mac OS devices. This is a simple usability adjustment that can make the Preview image viewer on the Mac a bit less cluttered. Compared to this, where some files will open in separate windows within Preview, but some will be grouped as well, depending on when and how they were opened in the app:.

This capability is best used with thumbnails in the sidebar of Preview, so if for some reason you are hiding those be sure to enable the thumbnail viewer as part of the Preview app by clicking the sidebar option in the Preview tool bar.

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Enter your email address below:. Another feature Apple has removed for some stupid reason. I, for years, opened two files together so I could print them two sided. Now I have to take the paper out of the printer and put it back in to print on the other side. I used to love Apple, but now they seem to be dedicated to removing everything that works well for some reason. I started using Macs in and there was nothing close but now Apples focus is on something other than the user. When that happens, you will see millions of us jump ship.

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But yes I agree that Apple does not seem to care or focus on Mac anymore and it shows in reduced software quality and hardware quality. Very sad for Mac. I use this feature for long time as recently when selecting multiple images those are opened in Finder….

The screen view is offering to open the image in Preview a box in top right corner. When opening in Preview just the actual image is displayed, not all selected. Now in High Sierra this no longer works. I know Apple will never fix it. Then you have one window with tabs too all of your desired documents.

XPS Viewer for Mac — LawBox LLC

I get that some people regret upgrading, but my hand was forced by software that became incompatible following their own upgrades.. The frustration seems to stem from the commitment to an operating platform and paradigm that you just want to continue to facilitate your workflow once you have carved your path.

Preview merge function works in os high sierra! Try it out. Lost this functionality on the upgrade to high sierra. No longer able to open multiple files in one preview window.

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Apple, please fix ASAP! I have Preview Version The option to open all files in one window is currently only under the images tab, not the general tab. Net ;-. ImageGlass is in my opinion the best image viewer for Windows. Definitely I recommend it to all my friends all the time.

When you expect a fast and easily to use image viewer you are covered. Great app!

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Nice windows viewer replacement with intuitive tools and a clean layout. Keeping it fast, simple, and clean lead me to choose ImageGlass! Thanks for ImageGlass We love the way you gave it away You deserve the gifts you receive.

Thank you for image glass - I have looked so hard to find a decent photo viewer for windows 10! Dude, this is exactly what I need.