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Our Recipe is Better Than the Broccoli Cheese Soup Panera has to Offer
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Will you be showing them how to make it? Or let them make it with you? How many microwaves would you have in the session? Perhaps you can test making several mugs at a time. How would the recipe work with 3 or 5 mugs? It will affect the results. Will all mug sizes be the same? Or will each one bring their own mug? I know it sounds a little crazy, but we can make it happen. Let me know so I can help you prepare. Not gonna lie i was a bit sceptical about the mug pizza but after trying it that was the best thing that ever came out of my microwave.

Hi Gemma, Thank you for this wonderful recipe. My kid finished this in one sitting. Thanks Dhanya. I just love all the mug recipes. I live alone and these mug meals and desserts would be so perfect. Enjoy your site very much. Hi Sandi, I replied to the other comment before I saw this one! Thank you for your kind words. As I said, certainly bake these recipes in a conventional oven. For the pizza one then bake on a flat tray, for others, you can use a muffin pan, that will work well for you. Other recipes can be baked stove top. I just love the mug recipes but was wondering if they could be done in a conventional oven in a oven safe mug?

Hi Sandi, sure you can, but if I were to use a regular oven for this I would bake it flat on a tray! Make more than one too, you can share, or freeze for later. Hi,, what can i use instead of olive oil and pepperoni….?? Also i dont have marinara sauce but I have pizza sauce…. Thank you Gemma for this recipe, it was a quick and easy recipe to whip up! Delighted that you could make it work for yourself, Cindy! I think other Bold Bakers will benefit from your comment. I love making this for work lunches. I sub out the pepperoni for sliced black olives as a personal preference. Hi there, This is not a straightforward question!

The technology also matters, more modern ones have a different, more efficient way of cooking, mine has inverter technology for instance, which speeds up the baking, and bakes evenly. In an older model you will need to monitor the bake. I suggest you bake for 50 seconds, then open the oven, test the bake, wither with your finger or the back of a spoon, gently press down the center of the bake.

If it feels barely firm to the touch it is done, if not continue to bake, 10 second bursts, until it is done. This will teach you about your oven, and you will then know for the future. Is there any way to stop the dough from popping and spreading the sauce everywhere in the microwave?

Hi Gemma, I am an American teacher living in China. I am trying to do some basic meals that taste like home. I love mug meals and my slow cooker is my best friend in winter????. However real pepperoni and cheese is difficult to get and very expensive. I originally found you from searching for coffee creamer.???????? I live in a smaller city. Hi Kristen, Gosh! There are ways to make your own cheese, but the aged cheeses are a long process, and that is where the flavor is. I have recipes here for fresh cheese, cream cheese and mascarpone, and they may be useful for some things, to use with pasta for instance, but pizza flavor is a different thing.

A lot of the flavor of things like pepperoni is in the spice. Black Pepper. Mustard Seed. Fennel Seed. Crushed Red Pepper. Cayenne Pepper. You can make a version of this! This can be made into a sausage and fried off, refrigerated and sliced.

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There is an idea for you! The cheese I cannot so much help with, but this may be a good start to your search for that taste of home. I know what that feels like! Thank you for being in touch. Hi Gemma! But… the second time it was a very fun and delicious snack! I also rested the dough the second time. Maybe that is why, and also the second pizzas dough came out as a way better texture than the regular dough. Hope this helps! I loved this recipe. Hi Madie, See, what matters to me the most is that you learned a lot between the first and second attempts. It is interesting how resting a dough helps a lot, and I hope you figured out why that matters too.

Over mixing activates the gluten in the flour, in yeast baking this is a good thing, in regular baking it toughens the dough. Resting the dough relaxes the gluten and gives a tender bake. This is most true of pastry type dough. Some baking which includes raising agents can suffer from being left too long.

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  6. Hi there, There is a think called a white pizza! This uses a bechamel sauce as the base for the toppings. Basic white sauce: 1oz butter, 1oz plain flour. Melt the butter and gently cook the flour in this for about one minute. Take it off the heat and slowly pour in 1 pint of cold milk, which can be flavored with salt pepper, onion etc. Then cook this out over a low heat. Look this up! Hi Gemma, I am interested in making this Pizza, but I would like to know if I could use a premade pizza dough?


    I ask because I have some left after trying to make a pizza in the instant pot. Thanks, Kim. Hi Kim, I do not think so, but you can try! If you do try it then be aware that the microwave will not brown the dough in the same way. I think it would too be best baked on a flat plate.

    Do let me know how this works for you! Hello Gemma, I would like to try this recipe with Gluten free flour. Can you suggest which one will work best? Almond, Cassava or Coconut? Hi Madge, very few single flours will work well, they almost always need to be balanced with something.

    Coconut flour is really absorbent, and almond flour not so much, so they make good partners, as the coconut binds. I think for the pizza recipe rice flour would work well, with the addition of perhaps oat flour, potato starch too, though what matters the most is why you need it to be gf. If you are celiac then it is vital that you know the source of the flours is right. A good all purpose plain gf flour blend will really help you, and there are some really good ones out there.

    Millet, as a grain may suit you too. I think you can experiment. Thank you for responding, Gemma. I appreciate your feed back and will experiment with the different flours. Your email address will not be published. Rate this Recipe. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email.

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    18 Gamechanging Homemade Pizza Recipes

    Prep Time. Cook Time. Total Time. Course: Dinner. Cuisine: Italian. Servings : 1. Calories : kcal. Author : adapted recipe from Kirbiecravings. Mix the flour, baking powder, baking soda and salt together in a microwavable mug. Add in the milk and oil then mix together. There might be some lumps but that is ok. I was the queen of dinner last night. My husband who started eating after me finished two of these before I finished one.

    It was a tad salty so next time I will omit.

    So so so good. I end up just using all the bell pepper I have etc and it works well. Thanks for this awesome recipe! Omg, this is delicious. It was amazing. I made this for dinner tonight and it was so good! Thanks for the recipe.

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    Gotta Have It Vegan Mac 'N' Cheese

    Why have I not found this recipe sooner! Sooooo delicious I took your advice and added cheez whiz. I wanna make this for servings. What do you suggest in regards of how much I should put in for the ingredients? You could always freeze the leftovers for a later date! We eat low carb, because the hubs is diabetic. He loves sloppy joes but they are so carby with all the tomato stuff. I think he will enjoy this.

    Bacon Mac ‘n’ Cheese Pot Pie

    We eat all things in low carb wraps. I will also use xanthum gum instead of cornstarch to thicken. Sorry to hear that! Cornstarch is gluten free. If you swap out the buns, or just omit them, you can make this gluten free. You can either reheat on the stovetop or in the microwave. Love the recipe, very flavorful. I had too much left over grease so I will drain it with the next recipe. This time I just drained as I served-worked great. I added the cheese as I served the sandwiches. Heat from the mixture melted the cheese.

    My family loves this recipe! I do add some garlic and onion powder, as well as a little Montreal Steak seasoning, as we like our meat a little more seasoned than just salt and pepper. I serve it on sub buns with processed swiss cheese. Flavor was really really good, only negative comment is that the filling was very rich. One suggestion from my family was to not add the cheese to the meat but to just put it on top of the meat mixture and broil it for serving.

    I did add extra salt and pepper, plus some garlic powder…meat mixture was a bit bland to me. Enjoyed tremendously though. I have made this twice now and each time is perfect! Only alterations were no onion because we have an allergy and 5oz provolone which seemed more than enough. Thank you, this recipe will be in my regular rotation! This was awesome , Have you heard about Recipe box? I do have a recipe for Philly Cheesesteak Cheesy Bread.

    I maked philly stake chesee sandwitch I added stake seaning to taste and no ketchup half beef broth , fresh ground blend of beef, sirloin,brisket and short ribs sold by mighty spark co. So good. My husband loved it. I used the brioche buns the recipe calls for with butter and garlic on the insides and toasted them lightly in the oven before putting the meat mixture on it.

    These sandwiches are very filling. I had one and had no room for anything else. My husband thought the meat mixture would taste good over mashed potatoes. With the ketchup and Worcestershire sauce it kinda of ruins the Philly steak. Thank you for this excellent recipe! I quadrupled it for a family gathering, and everyone loved it.

    Kept well in a slow cooker, and the pan was empty when I brought it home. Also, have you ever frozen this before? I want to make a double batch and freeze the rest in individual portions. Thank you Sabrina! We now use Whole Foods brand. Good luck! Try hollowing out french hard rolls, stuff with the cooked meat mix, wrap tight in foil and freeze individually.

    You can toss frozen into preheated degree oven for min works great for easy meal. This has quickly become a family favorite!

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    Leftovers are VERY popular. Thank you! I want to eat these constantly!! Definitely will replace regular sloppy joes for us. Thank you for sharing. I would use my Philly Cheesesteak Hamburger Helper recipe and adjust for a slow cooker by browning the meat first in a skillet. Add the pasta and cook for another 15 minutes and once the pasta is done, stir in the cheese. My husband loved this! Thank you for the recipe!!

    We Tried To Make Pizzas With Zero Waste

    Hi Sabrina I just wanted to know if I could use shredded mozzarella instead of provolone since that and cheddar are the only cheeses that I have in my refrigerator. For the Crock-Pot version, does the ground beef need to be cooked prior to putting it in the Crock-Pot? My apologies if this question has been asked and answered already…in a time crunch and ready to make these sloppy joes! By the way, I have made these in a skillet before and they are just the tastiest sandwiches ever! Love your recipes!