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Thanks for your inquiry. If you dont hear from us within 24 hours, please feel free to send a follow up email to info xecurify. With increasing user mobility and more ways to access corporate applications and data by more users, access security requires more intelligent controls to assess overall business risk prior to authorizing access to this information. Fraud Prevention provides the ability to dynamically analyse user requests for corporate information and apply business security policy to application access to minimize the risk of improper data exposure or loss.

Fraud Prevention

Fraud Prevention uses both device fingerprints and behavioral data to come up with a risk score, based on which you either permit or deny access. This risk score would become a second factor in authentication, the first factor being passwords or any another "normal" authentication.

The risk score can also be used to determine if further information is needed from the end user to complete the transaction. Any information that can be collected about a device remotely over HTTP or other means will form part of the device fingerprint.

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Below are some of the identifying factors that can be used:. You don't have to worry about maintaining whether your user is registered with miniOrange or not during the initial roll-out of fraud prevention product to your user. You just have to make a call to this API to find out if the currently logged in user is registered with us or not.

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You will need the following user's information to call this API:. You will need to include 5 JS files provided in the package in your web page: client. Also you will need to copy other SWF files provided in the package to the js folder of your web application. Once you have includes JS files in your register-user web page and copied all other files to your js folder, you will need to make a Javascript call like this:. Register User API - registers your users with miniOrange can be used in the initial roll-out to users.

Keychain Access on Mac OS X - Tutorial and Introduction

Once you have includes JS files in your register-user web page and collected all the required information from user, you will need to make a Javascript call like this:. It evaluates the risk and provides you with the status. Based on the status you can take further decision on whether to challenge user or stop his process or let him continue his process. If the user was challenged, you may need to submit the response provided by the user to miniOrange for validation.