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The "Finder" is your primary navigation tool for finding applications, folders and documents on your Mac. It features two ways to access your files; by navigating folder by folder in the main window, or by using the shortcuts on the left menu for your favorite items. You can add and remove items from the "Finder" shortcut menu by dragging and dropping the icon into the menu area. Click on your "Applications" folder. The "Applications" folder houses all of your programs, including software that comes with your Mac out of the box.

To install new applications, drag them into the "Applications" folder.

You can also access the "Applications" folder through the icon on the "Finder" shortcut menu. Double-click on "Address Book. Enter your account credentials.

  • 1. Backup your contacts.
  • mac os x utilities reinstall mac os x.
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Click Sign In. Click on the General tab. Choose whether to display the first name first or the last name first.

Address book – MacForBeginners

Click on the Sort By drop down menu to sort contacts by first or last name. Click the Short Name Format drop-down menu to select how names should be displayed. Click the check boxes to decide whether or not to prefer nicknames and if you should show contacts found in apps. Click the Address Format drop-down so select the display format for your contacts' addresses.

Mail configuration (10.8 and earlier only)

Choose your default Contacts account from the drop down menu. How to add a new contact If you want to add your contacts manually, or if you get new contacts you want to add, you can input them straight into the app. Click New Contact. Enter the contact's first and last names. Fill out the fields on the card with the relevant information. Click Done. How to add a new contact group If there's a certain set of people you want to organize together, for work, for a club, for family, or for any reason at all, you can create a group.

Click View and select Show Groups.

Click New Group. Enter a name for your group. How to add a picture to a contact Sometimes it's faster to recognize a contact by a picture than it is a name, and it's always faster if you have both.


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Click on the contact to which you want to add a picture. Click Edit. Choose the profile image.

  1. 2. Add the Google account.
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